TaxiBay Pricing

Taxibay is a online vehicle rental platform with dynamic pricing options. In TaxiBay, we get you the real-time prices from multiple operators and directly show the current rates.

The rates will vary based on season, time of booking and vehicle chosen and helps you get better deals and save money. The TaxiBay pricing includes for km’s covered, driver allowance, GST if applicable.

Local rental charges

We serve 8hr 80 kms which is charged on fixed basis starting from Rs.1200 for hatchback to Rs. 2000 for Innova.

Outstation rental charges

Outstation prices are calculated on basis calendar days with fixed km’s per day and price/km depending on the vehicle type.

For a hatchback, the price/day will start from as low as 8.5Rs/km and 300km minimum.

For a sedan, the price/day will start from as low as 9Rs/km and 250 km minimum.

Additional Costs for outstation will include,

  1. Service tax at 6%
  2. Driver Night Allowance is applicable only if he drives between 10pm-5am.
  3. State Tax on actual basis whenever cab enters a new state.
  4. Any Toll tax or parking charges on actual basis.

Some of the common terms, every operator has is unless specified otherwise,

  1. One day refers to one calendar day i.e. 12am - 11:59pm.
  2. AC will be switched off in hilly areas.
  3. 1. Local travel is not allowed in the source city.

Many operators and online cab rentals do not provide details of vehicle, dynamic pricing and no customer service during night time. At TaxiBay, we help you connect with verified operators, get you choice of vehicles with as much detail in advance as possible and help you save money and time and provide a service to ensure your travel is memorable